Worshipful Master

W. Bro. Frank O'Keeffe

Horsa-Dun Lodge No. 3123  (Hall Stone Lodge)

Province of Middlesex

in the United Grand Lodge of England

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Horsa-Dun Masonic Lodge No. 3123 was formed at a ceremony held on 18th October 1905 at Betham's School, Greenford, Middlesex.  The new Lodge was sponsored by Ealing Lodge No 2662 and the formation ceremony was presided over by the Provincial Grand Master of Middlesex, Lord George Hamilton.  


The name of the Lodge, "Horsa-Dun",  is derived from Anglo-Saxon and means "Horsa's hill".  The name Horsa refers to the iconic Anglo-Saxon symbol of a white mare or horse and accordingly the Horsa-Dun Lodge crest incorporates a white horse.  


The leading Founder of the Lodge was a certain Montagu Sharpe, a man of many parts who later became Sir Montagu Sharpe K.C.; at various times Chairman of Middlesex County Council and of Middlesex Quarter Sessions.  He was still an Honorary Member of Horsa-Dun Lodge up to the time of his death in 1942.  Another Founder was Dr Thomas Fleming, the half-brother of Alexander Fleming, the discoverer of penicillin.  Thomas Fleming became Master of the Lodge during 1908-1909.  The other Founders included two other Medical Practitioners, two Civil Engineers, a Vicar, a Solicitor, a Headmaster and an Architect.


 The Lodge continued to function throughout the First and Second World Wars with some vicissitudes and a large portion of its records, particularly Minutes of Meetings, was destroyed by bombing during the latter.


During this time Meetings were held at various venues, until 1967, when the Lodge established itself at Harrow Masonic Centre where all Meetings have since been held.  As is usual with Masonic Lodges,an annual Ladies' Festival is held by Horsa-Dun Lodge.  This originally took the form of a dinner-dance but, from 1993, the Lodge Members and their ladies and guests have spent a weekend together at a hotel (often, but not always, in Bournemouth).


In 2005 the Centenary of the Lodge was duly celebrated in great style.


The Lodge has always been fortunate in attracting a satisfactory number of members;  recently, when Pinner Hill Lodge was dissolved Horsa-Dun was very happy to welcome no less than ten erstwhile members of that Lodge.


Horsa-Dun Lodge hopes and expects to flourish for many more years to come!

  Officers of the Lodge

                2017 - 2018

W.M.        WB S. Grant

I.P.M.        WB J. Ison

S.W.         Bro P. Bungay

J.W.          WB F. O'Keeffe

D.C.          WB D. Clark

A.D.C.      WB M. Jupp

Sec.          WB C. Legg

A.Sec      WB. M. Jupp

Treas.     WB M. Mallam

Alm.        WB D. Phillips

C.St.        WB S. Chadwick

Chap.      WB N. Slade

Mentor    WB J. Draycott

S.D.         Bro J. Evans

J.D.          Bro. V. Kondratyuk

I.G.          Bro M. Walker

Tyler        WB D. Caw

Orator     WB T. Speechly

Stew        TBC


Next meeting:  


to be held at Harrow District Masonic Centre

Next LOI : 


7:30pm  at Beaconsfield Masonic Centre.

Our next meeting in October will be our Installation meeting, where Bro. Grant will for the very first time ascend the Chair of King Solomon. If you've been to our meetings before, you'll know we have a great time, and extend a friendly and warm welcome to all our visitors.


Anybody who wishes to attend but isn't already a guest of a lodge member, please use the email address above to contact us, or go to the contact page.

LOI dates 2017-2018

Sept 6th and 20th

Oct 4th, and 18th

Nov 1st, 15th and 29th

Dec 13th

Jan 10th and 24th

Feb 7th and 21st

Mar 7th and 21st

Apr 4th and 18th

May 16th and 30th